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Our Brand Founder



After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Dr.Müge Uğurlu completed her specialty training in the department of radiology in the same faculty. She worked as an attending physician at Taksim Training and Research Hospital between 2002 – 2016.

Since 2016, she has started practicing Homeopathy, a holistic medical approach that is the second most common treatment in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

She studied Homeopathy at Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Medicine. She continued her studies with advanced training at George Vithoulkas Homeopathy Academy and received an internationally recognized Homeopathy Diploma from ECH (The European Committee for Homeopathy). To further increase her experience in the field, she worked at Dr. Pareek’s Homeopathy Hospital in Agra, India for a short period of time.

She has also received various trainings on clinical aromatherapy and functional medicine at Bezm-i Alem University, Faculty of Medicine.

In the light of all these experiences, she founded M Clinic Pharma in 2018 and created The M dermocosmetic brand with all natural ingredients. She aimed to use the power of nature for the health of our skin with The M products, which she formulated with clinical research.

She believes that body, soul and mind are a whole and art has a healing power. Having completed various trainings on art psychotherapy, Dr. Uğurlu works on oil paintings. She volunteers and acts as the science and art board director in the Autism Strong Family Foundation. She donates the income from the sale of her paintings to the foundation. She presented her paintings in many national and international exhibitions.